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Ellen Contreras

Ellen Contreras is a business development professional having worked in staffing & recruiting, marketing & communications, and advertising & PR. She has worked with companies in manufacturing, logistics, skilled trades, information technology, healthcare, agriculture, finance, insurance, B2B and B2C. 

Ellen is an iHeart radio/podcast talk show host with a weekly show – Treasure Coast Connector. She puts a spotlight on local business owners uncovering why they started their companies and what makes their products and services unique and special. She helps them tell their story connecting businesses to consumers in the community.

Ellen is a Community Contributor for Newsbreak, the largest news aggregator app with over 45 million American readers with a focus on local news. She writes helpful articles and shares opinions on careers, business development, the Florida lifestyle and more.

In addition, Ellen handles business development for Clear SEM Solutions, an award-winning website design, digital marketing agency in Port St. Lucie, FL helping businesses reach their digital marketing goals and converting their leads into new customers.

Ellen graduated with an IT degree from Briarcliffe College in NY with the top honor of summa cum laude and valedictorian of her class. She also completed her MCSE (Microsoft Certified Systems Engineer) certification.

Ellen is married to Omar Contreras and they live in Vero Beach, FL with their capricious cat, Mr. Skitters.


I'm a stunningly beautiful striped ginger tabby that had a rough start in life until the Humane Society of Indian River County and Vero Beach found me. My meowmy and cat dad, Ellen and Omar rescued me and now I am spoiled rotten. If you don't believe me, check out my Instagram page. Follow me if you're having a catastrophe of a day and need an injection of feline humor. I'm hilarious. I also love puns.

I should have received top billing on this page, as I am the boss. However, since I don't have thumbs - I'm tryna to grow them - I appear in second place.

My supervisory skills are legendary. I don't let Ellen get away with anything and have two beds in her office and a window ledge so I can view her from various angles.

Mr. Skitters
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